57st. design is a small furniture brand that designs, manufactures, and retails all of their work in-house, and all from their workshop based on the Southside of Chicago. They use solid hardwoods and hand-rubbed finishes to make their furniture pieces, allowing for easy repairs and lasting craftsmanship

Design Circulation

In early 2018, 57st. design launched Design Circulation, a program where they take back, restore, and then recirculate their furniture. The intention is to create a circular system where furniture is never treated as waste to be discarded or destroyed, but rather to be made new again so that it can be re-used in perpetuity.

When a customer purchases a furniture piece from their Design Circulation collection, 57st. design will buy it back from them at some point in the future, regardless of wear, in exchange for store credit. They will pickup the piece for free, repair and restore it to its original condition to sell to the next customer.

57st. design is not only about using less natural resources and being kinder to the environment, they also value their employees by means of fair compensation, advancement opportunities, and economic empowerment through on-the-job learning and skill-sharing.

*all photos from 57st. design

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