My name is Viv, and I’m a sustainability consultant.

I help brands, interior design teams, and residential real estate owners develop, measure and report on sustainability and wellness strategies, and help to support in achieving certifications like LEED, WELL, and Fitwel that provide a framework and benchmark for sustainable, healthy, and wellness living, interior building design and operations.

My ultimate goal is to help people and businesses to reduce their environmental impact on the planet, while supporting human health and wellness in the built environment and its surrounding communities.

While working in sustainability and wellness in the built environment, I also started DezinDetox – a platform for people to come discover and learn about sustainable and wellness brands from around the world. I love highlighting transformative ideas that lead to the innovative design of new products, materials, and technologies that help people to create more environmentally sustainable, healthy, and wellness lifestyles, spaces, and homes.

By building awareness and literacy around the importance of sustainability, health, and wellness in our everyday lives and in the built environment, I hope to empower people to live a more healthy, well, and sustainable lifestyle, while helping to reduce the negative impacts we are having on our planet.

I think that collectively, the more sustainable choices we make, and ask of businesses to make, can all help to protect our planet, and create more positive human experiences in our own lives, in the built environment, as well as in our surrounding communities for this generation and the next generations to come.

with lots of love,

Viv Huang | LEED AP ID+C, WELL AP, TRUE Zero Waste Advisor