Bit stool is a whimsical collection of multi-functional stools made from 100% recycled post-industrial and household plastic waste.

The plastic used to make the bit stools primarily comes from post-industrial plastic waste that is mixed with parts of household or post-consumer plastic waste. The plastic waste is collected, cut up into smaller fragments, and color-sorted to be melted and poured into Bit stool moulds.

With the heating process used to melt the small plastic bits, the material can be reheated, reshaped, and recycled over and over again without altering its properties.

The design process of the bit stools practices circular design by creating a durable and recyclable product that reduces the environmental impact on the planet, generating zero waste to support a circular economy.

Bit Stool Stack in White | Designed by Simon Legald
Bit Stool in Black Multi and Bit Stool Cone in Blue | Designed by Simon Legald

Post-industrial plastic waste: often called pre-consumer waste, refers to plastic waste generated in the manufacturing process from products such as manufactured plastic scraps, trimmings, and cuttings.

*all photos are from normann copenhagen.

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