The Brooklyn Solar Canopy started in Brooklyn from a collaboration between Brooklyn SolarWorks, a leading local installation company, and Situ Studio, a leading unconventional research, design and architecture firm.

Today, the company makes stylishly designed solar canopies for residential outdoor spaces like rooftops, decks, yards, and parking areas. Each solar canopy project requires advanced design and planning to include electrical, construction and solar expertise, as well as local utilities company in order for the solar system to be connected to a grid for solar power.

Brooklyn Solar Canopy can introduce a solar installation company in a given area, and will coordinate and support the solar installation company selected by the homeowner. Brooklyn Solar Canopy also partners with a third-party provider for drafting and engineering services that operate in all 50 U.S. States, and Canada, and facilitates the cooperation needed between them and the client, and the solar installation company.


The solar canopy may count towards credits for a LEED green building project under the core category Energy and Atmosphere. The credit category’s intent is to reduce the environmental and economic harms associated with fossil fuel energy by increasing the use of renewable energy systems that can offset building energy use and costs.

*all photos are from Brooklyn Solar Canopy

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