Clare, founded by Nicole Gibbons, is a direct-to-consumer paint company that sells safe, eco-friendly interior paints.

Zero VOCs

Clare paints are water-based, interior paints and colorants that are all made with zero-VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), which means they’re formulated without any airborne toxic chemicals that are usually found in other paints. VOC’s are air pollutants that can be harmful to human health and wellness, and can lead to adverse health effects such as irritations, headaches, allergic skin reactions, and more.

According to the U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), indoor air can be 10x more polluted than the air outside. Therefore, it’s important to minimize the amount of indoor air pollutants by choosing products and materials made with little or no toxic chemicals. Contributing to healthier indoor air quality.


All of Clare paints are GREENGUARD Gold certified, meaning that their paints meet one of the world’s most stringent emissions standards for allowable airborne chemicals and pollutants in paints.

GREENGUARD Gold standards require Clare’s paint formulas to go through rigorous annual testing for over 360 VOCs and for other hazardous airborne chemicals. GREENGUARD Gold standards also include health-based criteria for VOC emissions levels acceptable to be used in more sensitive environments, such as schools and healthcare facilities to ensure healthy and well indoor environments.

More Sustainability Initiatives

Clare manufactures their paints in an energy and water efficient factory, and their paint containers, trays, and liners are made from recycled materials. Their shipping and packaging materials are made from 100% recycled paperboard with 90% post-consumer content.

LEED, Fitwel, and WELL Building Standard

With the GreenGuard Gold certification, Clare paints can contribute to credits in LEED, Fitwel, and WELL Building Standard certification projects under Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) credit category for LEED, Indoor Environment for Fitwel, and Materials credit category for WELL, reducing human exposure to hazardous building materials for interiors (like VOCs) to create healthy indoor air quality for building occupants.

*all photos are from Clare

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