Dorai is a home goods company known for their sustainable bathroom and kitchen products like bath mats, sink caddies, and dish pads made from prorietary Diomat® technology – a material that combines diatomaceous earth with recycled paper fibers.

Diatomaceous earth is a naturally occurring, sedimentary rock found in nature that consists of fossilized remains of diatoms – micro aquatic organisms found mostly in oceans and waterways of the earth.

The diatomaceous earth in Dorai’s Diomat® material contains moisture-wicking properties so that when water touches the surface, it dries up very quickly. The diatomaceous earth holds up to 150% of its weight in water with its millions of pores that causes moisture to evaporate very quickly.

The Diomat® material also traps in bacteria at the same time water hits the surface so that the bacteria dries out and dies, preventing the growth of mold.

Compared to regular bath mats which can stay damp or wet for up to 12 hours, Dorai’s bath mats dry in seconds.

Dorai’s Diomat® technology also makes the material very durable, so their products stay in use much longer, which also means less waste to landfills.

Bath Stone™ Mat – Rain in | Sandstone
Bath Stone™ Mat – Rain | Slate
Dish Pad | Slate
Dish Pad | Sandstone

Interesting fact: living diatoms are estimated to be responsible for about half of photosynthesis in the global oceans, generating about 20%-50% of the oxygen produced on our planet each year.

*all photos are from Dorai.

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