ecobee is a home automation company based in Canada that offers smart home solutions such as smart thermostats, and accessories like temperature and occupancy sensors, smart light switches, and smart cameras.

Their smart thermostats are designed to help you lower your energy costs on heating and cooling, while balancing your home’s temperature for enhanced thermal comfort and well-being.

ecobee started with Stuart Lombard who had a personal goal to reduce his carbon footprint. After discovering that heating and cooling makes up 40% – 60% of home energy use, he attempted to program his own thermostat to conserve energy, while envisioning better design for efficient solutions and energy conservation without compromising thermal comfort.

Today, the company offers seamless experiences and solutions with their smart home systems, connecting your home to go beyond being smart – it learns, adjusts, and adapts based on your behaviors, needs, and preferences for optimal personal thermal comfort.

A Sustainable Approach

Through design and technology, ecobee continuously innovates to improve the way people, homes, and cities use and consume energy, and to create more environmentally sustainable products and interiors that are better for the planet.

Energy Star Certified

The ecobee smart thermostats come in three models: SmartThermostat with voice control, Certified Refurbished ecobee4, and ecobee3 lite. All three models are Energy Star Certified, and can save up to 23% on annual energy costs.

ecobee thermostats are controlled by using the ecobee app, and work seamlessly with smart home assistance devices like Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant. The thermostats can learn and adapt to your routine with eco+ (a free software upgrade for ecobee thermostats) to make saving energy automatic.

With eco+, the thermostat automatically heats or cools, adjusts for thermal comfort in high and low humidity, and learns your routine to recommend changes to your thermostat schedule.

The differences between the three ecobee thermostats?

1. The SmartThermostat with voice control comes with Alexa built-in, and includes a SmartSensor for occupancy detection in a room to automatically adjust the temperature for energy savings when you leave your home, and restores your comfort settings when you return. Helping to balance your home’s temperature for enhanced personal thermal comfort in different rooms.

2. When you purchase a Certified Refurbished ecobee4 smart thermostat, you make a bigger environmental impact by helping to reduce e-waste, while still receiving a thermostat that’s in like-new condition with Alexa built-in, and compatibility with the SmartSensor.

The Certified Refurbished ecobee4 extends the lifespan of the device, which keeps e-waste out of landfills, and reduces the need for the use of raw materials to make new devices. Certified Refurbished ecobee smart thermostats have diverted over 1,500 kgs / 3,300 lbs of waste so far.

3. The ecobee3 lite is the lowest-priced thermostat with the essential features for enhanced thermal comfort, while still saving you up to 26% on annual energy costs for heating and cooling.

ecobee’s Environmental Impact

So far, with ecobee’s smart thermostats, they have been able to deliver 13.5 TWh of energy savings. That’s the annual equivalent of *:

  • Saving enough energy to take all the homes in Las Vegas off the grid for a year **
  • Keeping 7,336,641 tons of CO2 out of the atmosphere
  • Taking 1,557,673 cars off the road for a year
  • Protecting 9,581,313 acres of North American forests

*According to the EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator , ** Based on internal measurements of thermostat runtime data, ecobee’s smart thermostats have delivered more than 13.5 TWh of energy savings.

LEED and WELL Building Standard

ecobee thermostats can contribute to LEED and WELL credits needed to achieve certification. For LEED, with the EnergyStar label, the thermostats can count towards credits in the Energy and Atmosphere category, and for WELL, the thermostats can help to achieve credits in the Comfort category for increased personal thermal comfort.

*all photos are from ecobee

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