Farmshelf Home is a stylishly designed indoor farming unit that combines technology and hydroponics to easily grow food in the comfort of your home.

Farmshelf Home’s smart indoor farming system uses technology to automate the growth of food in a climate controlled environment, providing ideal temperatures, humidity, and light for growing leafy greens and herbs. All you have to do is add water (Farmshelf tells you when and how much), insert the pods, and harvest the plants when they mature.

Water and nutrients are automatically delivered to the plants from a built-in water tank, and the plants get their “sunlight” from custom LED grow lights that optimize plant growth. And with the Farmshelf App, the plants are remotely monitored for things like pH, nutrient levels, temperature, and more.

The Farmshelf Home has a variety of edible plants to choose from that includes leafy greens, herbs, edible flowers, cherry tomatoes, and microgreens. Harvest times vary by plant type but you can expect up to two pounds of produce a week (enough to feed 4-6 people).


Hydroponics is a method of growing plants in a controlled environment without the use of soil. Instead, mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent is used to feed the plants, while an air pump oxygenates the water to keep the roots healthy.

Plants use oxygen that’s in soil or water to take up nutrients from their roots. If a plant’s roots doesn’t get enough oxygen, they become less permeable, take in less water, and can no longer properly absorb the nutrients needed for healthy growth.

When a plant continuously gets the ideal blend of nutrients in water that gets delivered directly to the plant’s roots, it doesn’t need to use its energy to grow out more roots in order to search for nutrients (as it needs with soil), so instead, the plant will spend its extra energy to grow upwards for more leafy growth.

A few benefits of a hydroponic system includes the use of less water, less space, and can provide for faster plant growth, and healthier, bigger yields.

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Farmshelf Business

Farmshelf for business can easily be installed in places like restaurants, hotels, corporate office spaces, and schools to bring awareness to, and educate people on growing your own food, healthy eating habits and workplace wellness.

Fitwel and WELL Building Standard

Farmshelf Business can contribute to Fitwel and WELL Building Standard credits needed for certification. For Fitwel, Farmshelf can go towards achieving credits under the Enhances Access to Healthy Foods category, and for WELL, Farmshelf can contribute to the Nourishment category that encourages better eating habits by creating food environments where it’s easier to make healthier choices.

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