Great Wrap is a materials science company based in Australia with a mission to help end the use of single-use plastics with the invention of their compostable non-plastic cling wrap.

A compostable plastic alternative

Aware of the alarming plastic pollution problem, Great Wrap and their team of scientists have created a plastic-like wrap alternative for people and businesses that’s 100% compostable.

Great Wrap’s compostable non-plastic looks, feels, and works like conventional, one-time use plastic wrap but the material is made using a combination of food waste (plant-based oils, potato waste, tapioca) and compostable biopolymers that are designed to work like plastic, and takes around 180 days to fully break down right in one’s home compost pile.

Nudie Rolls (Home compostable cling wrap)
Compostable Pallet Wrap (for business)

The Great Mate dispenser

Great Wrap’s alternative plastic wrap comes in nicely designed and colorful cling wrap dispensers called the Great Mate, which is also sustainably made.

Each of the colorful Great Mates is made from 33 recycled PET bottles. PET bottles are a fully recyclable material that can be heated and moulded into a variety of shapes over and over again, which creates a closed loop cycle.

Great Mate Starter Kit in Lila
Great Mate Starter Kit in Sandy

As a side note, although the Great Mate is made from recycled plastic, it cannot go into a home recycling bin to be recycled. Instead, you can send it back to Great Wrap so that they can repurpose the dispenser.

Educating and building community

The Great Wrap team also work to educate their community on how to sustainably dispose of their products properly while helping to build strong sustainable habits and practices in their community.

Compostable materials – organic materials that can completely break down given the right composting environment and with the the help of microbes, will turn organic waste into nutrient-rich biomass that can then be used as a soil amendment or mulch.

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