Greenery NYC is a Biophilic design company based in Brooklyn that brings nature into your home, office, and outdoor spaces.

Combining design with horticulture, Greenery NYC offers a variety of services that include a retail location/showroom and online plant shop with plant delivery, plant styling, planter systems, and living wall installations for commercial and residential interiors.

Some of Greenery NYC’s work includes plant styling and living wall installations for their own retail store and showroom, Greenery Unlimited in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Etsy HQ where they developed a rainwater harvesting and irrigation system to water over 11,000 plants installed in the office space, TED Talks HQ where they installed self-watering green dividers, and other creative green projects.

Greenery NYC Projects

Biophilic Design

Biophilic Design is a concept used in the building and interior design industry to increase occupant connectivity to nature through the use of natural elements like plants to create spaces of restoration and refuge.

Connecting people to nature indoors can relieve stress, increase concentration and restoration responses, helping to support human health and well-being.

Fitwel, Living Building Challenge, and WELL Building Standard

Fitwel, Living Building Challenge, and WELL Building Standard are leading building standards involved in the movement to build and design healthy and well interior spaces.

Biophilic design is a strategy used to improve access to nature indoors, supporting restoration, stress relief, and overall health and well-being, and all three building standards use this design strategy. Fitwel uses biophilic design under its Shared Spaces credit category, Living Building Challenge uses it under Biophilic Environment Performance category, and WELL Building Standard under its Mind, access to nature category to support cognitive and emotional health.

*all photos from Greenery NYC

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