Krystal Persaud, founder of NYC-based Grouphug Tech, came into the solar energy space with a fresh perspective – to create a different kind of a sustainable product, uniquely designed to fit the lifestyle of this generation of apartment dwellers.

Solar power, re-imagined.

Given Krystal’s strong creative product design and tech background, she didn’t just want to make another clunky solar-powered portable charger. Instead, she re-imagined solar power into a stylish home decor piece, used to charge all mobile devices.

After many prototypes and testing, Krystal created the window solar charger. A solar panel framed with bamboo wood and with a smart modular build to allow for easy replacement parts.

The solar charger is made with a USB port. When the battery is full from the sun’s energy, just plug in your device to start charging it. This includes iPhones (2x), Android phones (1.5x), tablets (0.5x), Air Pods (3x) and portable speakers (1x).

Krystal’s solar panel is designed to be hung effortlessly up on a window inside the home. Making it the perfect blend of sleek design, function and eco-friendliness.

What’s next for Krystal and Grouphug Solar.

Krystal is working on a newer version of the window solar charger. It will have double the battery capacity, two USB ports, and a different solar panel design. Krystal is also looking into buying carbon offsets. When you buy offsets, you fund projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This helps to reduce the environmental impact of producing the window solar panels.

Next-generation design.

If you would like to learn more about Krystal’s window solar charger IRL, you can make a trip to the New York Hall of Science (also known as NYSCI).

There you will find a giant cat-shaped solar panel mounted on their front window. The solar cat exhibit also has an interactive and educational component to it. Visitors can go there to learn about how solar technology works.

The goal of the exhibit is to get people (especially the younger generation) excited and inspired about creative, sustainable design and living through solar.

*all photos are from Grouphug Tech

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