Committed to the transition towards a circular business model, IKEA is exploring design strategies with all of their products so they can be 100% circular from the beginning. Solutions include making products that can be repurposed, repaired, resold, made with only renewable or recycled materials, and developing circular capabilities in their supply chain.

IKEA has been investing a lot in the environment, working with circular design principles where materials like woods, plastics, papers, metals, and textiles get recycled over and over again to become new IKEA products.

IKEA is working to achieve 100% circularity by building new partnerships, and collaborating with others to become 100% circular by 2030.


One creative collaboration IKEA has had in the past includes one with Form Us With Love, a very well established design studio based in Stockholm, Sweden. The result of the collaboration is a chair called ODGER, made from wood – plastic composite. 30% of the material is made from wood chips (all from reclaimed wood), and at least 55% of it’s remaining materials is recycled plastic.

The ODGER chair is a product to aspire to, where form, function, comfort, affordability, quality design, and sustainability come together harmoniously into one product.

The chair is extremely easy to assemble, with just four parts to the chair, just attach the seat to the base legs, twist and click in the two “locking keys”, and done!

Other Form Us With Love project with IKEA include the ODGER swivel chair, IKEA – Kungsbacka line of kitchen panels made made entirely from recycled plastic bottles and reclaimed industrial wood, and the JANINGE line of durable armchairs and stools.

Circularity for IKEA

Circularity for IKEA includes prolonging the life of products and materials in society, and using resources in a smarter way. IKEA is transitioning to using only recycled or renewable materials, and designing all IKEA products to be repurposed, repaired, reused, resold and recycled, right from the beginning. To make it all work, they also need to involve their customers, and encourage them to participate by offering new services, and helping customers care for and pass on products.

IKEA believes that people shouldn’t have to compromise on quality of life or products to act responsibly. Everyone should be able to create spaces that improve their life at home with beautiful, functional, affordable, and healthy furniture without harming our planet.

Becoming a circular business for IKEA is a complete transformation, and they have ambitious goals towards implementing a new business model that will help them to achieve 100% circularity by 2030.

*All photos are from FORM US WITH LOVE press kit.

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