LSA is a self-watering planter, handmade from 100% recycled and recyclable glass, and made with a sustainably-sourced, biodegradable cork plug.

The glass is from locally sourced clear jars and bottles that are then sorted, crushed, and heated in a furnace until molten where an expert glassblower shapes the molten glass into separate parts to create the self-watering planters.

The LSA self-watering planter is a passive hydroponics system that wicks water up to the soil for the plant roots to soak up. A wicking system is when a soft piece of fabric string/rope partly gets placed into the bottom of the soil, while the other end of the rope hangs down into the water part of the planter. The end of the rope that is in the water will act like a sponge to “wick” or absorb water throughout the rope all the way up to flow through to the other end of the string that is in the soil, thereby “watering” the soil for the plant roots.

Wicking not only is a great self-watering system for your plants, it also helps prevent your plants from being over-watered, which will prevent root rot – when your plant roots sit in wet soil for a long period of time, they can’t get enough oxygen and nutrients to the plant, the roots will start to turn brown and rot (like wearing wet socks for a long period of time).

*all images from LSA

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