The Modern Sprout Growframe is a smart-frame that connects to the Modern Sprout App, and has a built-in full spectrum LED grow light. The grow light can connect to the Smart App for customizable programming and pairing recommendations for partial shade, partial sun, and full sun plants to create the optimal growing environment for living green walls.

Modern Sprout also offers other indoor garden products that promote a healthy and well lifestyle in indoor environments. They make it easier for people to grow herbs and plants with products like their hydroponics jar kits and terracotta grow kits.

Sustainability Initiatives

Since the beginning, Modern Sprout has been committed to sustainable solutions for the environment and for their community. They source and manufacture domestically when possible, work to reduce plastic materials in products and packaging, and make their products using sustainable materials.

Modern Sprout also donates a percentage of their profits to the Pollinator Partnership for ecosystem protection, and partner with the Heartland Alliance to provide employment for Chicago’s most vulnerable residents (where their business is located).

*all photos from Modern Sprout

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