Nebia by Moen is a spa shower that uses a patented spray technology to provide double the water coverage by using less water from different angles, creating a relaxing showering experience.

Designed with a unique water delivery system, the spray technology provides more pressure and double the water coverage than of traditional showers to create the sensation of more water, while actually using 45% less water. The water droplets also travel faster to provide more rinsing power per unit of water than any other shower.


Nebia by Moen is WaterSense certified, indicating that it meets or exceeds the U.S. EPA’s water-efficiency criteria for a product by using 20% + less water. Many of Moen’s lines of products are WaterSense certified, and contribute to LEED points under the water stewardship core category.

Here’s more of Moen’s water-efficient products with the WaterSense label.

Moen’s Mission

Moen is committed to innovative engineer and design to create water-efficient products that conserve water, empowering and enabling people to effortlessly minimize their water usage in their daily activities. Moen is also committed to other sustainable practices that include waste-reduction, and saving 1 trillion gallons of water by 2030.


Moen is proud to partner with Nebia, a San Francisco based company that creates innovative water solutions, changing the way people interact with water, while conserving our precious water on the planet.

According to Nebia’s website, with a growing global population, global water demand will increase to 55% by 2050. With only 0.8% of our global water supply being usable, we will need to find transformative ways to manage our waters to avoid a global water crisis.

Since the launch of the first Nebia Spa Shower on Kickstarter in 2015, they have saved more than 100 million gallons of water (a standard bathtub holds about 40 gallons of water, so that’s around 2.5 million bathtubs of water saved).

LEED and WELL Building Standard

With the WaterSense label, Nebia by Moen Spa Shower can contribute to credits in LEED, Fitwel, and WELL Building Standard certification projects under Indoor Water Use Reduction credit category for LEED v4, and Water credit category for WELL.

Nebia by Moen meets EPA WaterSense® criteria to conserve water. Shower head flow rate of 1.3 Gpm (4.9 L/Min) Max.

You can find Nebia by Moen Spa Shower technical data sheet here for certification credits.

*all photos are from Moen

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