Piñatex by Ananas Anam is a sustainable, natural leather alternative made from pineapple leaves that would otherwise go to waste. The textile can be transformed into products that range from fashion to furnishing.

Made from the leaves of the pineapple plant, which are usually discarded or burned, Piñatex adds value to this waste by creating a new kind of textile from it.

How it’s sourced

Ananas Anam works with local farming cooperatives in the Philippines to collect the pineapple leaves that would otherwise be tossed into the trash or burned. Thus adding value to the waste, and creating a new source of income for the farmers.

The pineapple leaves undergo a process to extract the fibres from the pineapple leaves before it is manufactured into a durable and versatile textile that can be used as a leather alternative.

Therefore, no extra land, water, or pesticides are used to produce this raw material.

Pineapple leaves | Photo provided by Ananas Anam
A better alternative for the planet

Leather has been used for thousands of years. And as the industry demands more and cheaper supply of leather, production of it becomes unsustainable and harmful to the planet.

Tanning of leather is also an unsustainable process that goes through about 20 stages, and uses around 250 toxic chemicals so it doesn’t decompose.

Piñatex addresses the issues of using real leather – it’s made from a natural waste product, it takes less water and land to create, and also has no harmful chemicals or animal products.as Anam.

B Corp Certified

From the beginning, Ananas Anam has always established themselves as a force of good for people and the planet. They have now taken it a step further by committing themselves to high standards by becoming a Certified B Corp. Leading the charge with many others in building a strong, sustainable, ethical, and impactful business for their employees, communities, and the planet.

Piñatex is a biodegradable* material that Ananas Anam developed while also striving to the highest standards in sustainable design and manufacturing to reduce their carbon footprint.

Inspired by the principles of Circular Economy and Cradle to Cradle values, Carmen has built a scalable and sustainable commercial textile company that enhances the health and well-being of their employees and their farming communities.

*Note: the substrate (base material) is 100% biodegradable but the top coating is not, which comprises of about 10% – 15% of the final product.

You can view Piñatex’s 2022 IMPACT REPORT here for more information on their B Corp Certified status.

The Founder

Piñatex was founded by Dr. Carmen Hijosa, who, in the 1990s was consulting on the leather export industry in the Philippines. It was there where she learned about all the negative impacts that mass leather production and chemical tanning was having on the environment.

Dr. Carmen Hijosa, founder of Ananas Anam Ltd | Photo provided by Ananas Anam (Ottoman made from Pinatex textile)

*all photos provided by Pinatex, Ananas Anam

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