Charge your devices with this easy-to-install designer solar panel that hangs in your window.

The Window Solar Charger is a designer solar panel that charges your devices. Unlike most solar panels, it’s designed to hang in any window with a sleek eco-friendly bamboo frame. For those who rent or can’t install solar panels on their roof, this is a small way to be more eco-friendly.

The perfect gift for eco-conscious family, friends, & loved ones.



Grouphug Window Solar Charger
  • hanging solar panel
  • eco-friendly bamboo frame
  • suction cup
  • built-in battery
  • built-in USB port
  • Product dimensions are approximately 13” x 10” x 1.25”
  • Full battery can charge iPhones 1 – 2 times & Android phones 1 – 1.5 times
  • 8-10 hrs of direct sun to fully charge built-in battery
  • Capability to charge in partial sunlight & cloudy conditions
  • 10W solar panel
  • 2200 mAh battery
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