This electric composter can fit perfectly in your kitchen, especially for city dwellers in small spaces who compost or want to start. The Food-Cycler makes composting easy, odorless, and convenient by taking your kitchen scraps and breaking them down in little as 3 hours.

The Food-Cycler’s improved internal components also reduces energy consumption and increases its lifespan.

Here’s how the Food-Cycler works when you toss your food scraps into the bucket and press the button:

  • Waste bucket – stores the food scraps that will be recycled
  • Automatic mixing wand – turns food scraps constantly
  • Heater – keeps optimal temperatures inside composter which accelerates the speed of composting
  • Carbon filter – absorbs odors from waste (also has a filter monitoring system)

What can go into the Food-Cycler:

  • coffee grounds & tea bags
  • cereals & grains
  • cheese
  • chicken & fish bones
  • beans & seeds
  • eggs + egg shells
  • fruit & vegetable scraps (fruit cores, vegetable peels)
  • pet food





Capacity: 2.5 liters
Dimensions: 11″(W) x 14.2″(H )x 12.6″(D)
Electrical Ratings: 120V, 0.8 kWh
Weight: 27 lbs
Cord: Yes (2′)
Use: Household
Manufacturer: Food Cycle Science

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