Tech is embedded in our everyday lives and surround our spaces. We rely on it to keep us organized, connected, and informed. But in our tech-saturated world, we also need ways to retreat, de-stress, reflect and re-connect with nature.

At The Green Conspiracy, that’s exactly what this brand has set out to do with their garden planner. They want to help city dwellers reconnect with nature with just a pen and paper.

How the garden planner came about.

Based in Germany, Leticia and Fernando, who are both graphic designers, were looking for some relief from the long hours in front of their computers.

So they started to grow a few houseplants that grew into a full-blown vegetable garden on their rooftop.

At the beginning, Leticia and Fernando were growing up to 70 different types of edible plants on their rooftop. They combed through mountains of books on gardening, and even teamed up with professional horticulturalists.

To manage all the plants they were growing, they decided to put together notes to track their progress of their plants throughout the seasons.

They kept working on their notes with others until it turned into a garden planner. A one-stop-shop notebook to stay organized with tips to become an expert urban gardener.

Features of the garden planner.

Designed with pages to create up to 20 plant profiles, you can add details like your plant’s growth cycle. The garden planner also has grid pages to sketch out your garden, and an envelope to keep seeds and other notes in a safe place.

The founders also sourced eco-friendly materials to create their planner. From the glue to the paper, they made the whole planner to be compostable.

The Green Conspiracy mission.

Living in Berlin, the goal was to also make sure that the the garden planner would be useful for both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere.

“We noticed that more and more people are taking up gardening of all ages. Parents are also starting to involve their children in gardening, which is lovely to see. Usually the motives we hear from people are that they want to know where their food comes from. But also gardening is therapeutic.” Leticia –

*All photos provided by The Green Conspiracy.

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