WallyGro Eco Wall Planters make it easy for you to create and maintain a beautiful living wall for your home.

The Eco Wall Planter is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, diverting around 8 million plastic bottles away from landfills since 2007. Their wall planters are also 100% made in the U.S. to create jobs that support local communities, while helping to cut down on carbon emissions from transportation costs.

The wall planter is designed to create the ideal environment for your plants to grow happy and healthy while being kinder to the environment.

It’s specially designed with perforated, breathable front panel to allow the soil to aerate naturally (allowing for air to flow through the soil). The wall planter has a watering channel that can decrease total watering needs by 75%, allowing you to go longer in between watering, therefore saving water. It also has drainage that feeds the roots directly, allowing for even growth while preventing over-watering of your plant.

*all photos from WallyGro

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